Sunday, 24 September 2017

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Maths With Daina

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Me and Daina did some cool exploding dots for maths. Daina's math is on the right side and mine is on the left.

Monday, 28 August 2017

The Email We Got from Nathan ( entomologistt )

We got this information from Nathan Hill and he is an entomologist. Here is some feedback from him. We changed the changes he suggested us.

Hi Anna, Taryn,Abbie and Aria
Nice one I had a look at the link.  The songs are very catchy and the information is correct.  It does show pictures of caterpillars after a section on centipedes. Caterpillars actually only have 6 true legs (they are the larvae of insects) the rest of the leg like structures  - proto legs – are not true legs so caterpillars they are still grouped as insects even through it looks like they have more than 10.   I’m not sure what else you want me to provide feedback on.  This is a chart I refer to sometimes which shows how invertebrates fit in the classification table. It has a lot of other entomology jargon that 7-8 year olds do not need to know. For example echinoderms can simply be called the starfish group. I hope that helps. Keep up the great work. Regards Nathan

This is the picture he showed us.
 Image result for animal classification 

Our Final WIT Resource

Click This link to see our Invertebrate resource. WE have used Thing link for our resource. It has a lot of information. This is the email we sent to Mrs Parks and Mrs Mills. Hi, what day would be good to come in and share our thing link ( Resource about invertebrate ) to your class or a group of children.

For the links just click the picture.

Hi ladies
Next week would suit us better - Can we say Wednesday Afternoon please from 2pm.
Thats fine we will see you then.
Hi Mrs Parkes and Mrs Mills
We have thought about the resource and thought after we show them it we might take 4 people out to the bush to find an invertebrate to test it out.
Kind Regards, Abbie, Taryn & Aria